Cold Brew

Bottled Cold Brew

Our bottled cold brew is available at Souvlaki Boys, 1 W. James St., Lancaster, Pa., Slate Cafe, 43 E. Main St., Lititz, Pa., and at GyroFest!

 Cold Brew at Sweetish

Our cold brew is served by the cup at Sweetish's micro-cafe, 301 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa.

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DIY! All of our coffees are available in coarse grind for you to make your own cold brew at home. Want to skip the mess? You can order one of our Cold Brew Kits (below):

Each Cold Brew Kit contains four compostable mesh bags, each filled with 3oz (85g) of coarsely ground coffee. All you need is a jar, lid, water, and some time. Each bag makes up to 24oz (700ml) of coffee concentrate, 96oz (2.8l) per Cold Brew Kit.

To make cold brew coffee concentrate

  • Place coffee-filled mesh bag in a clean quart jar or pitcher.
  • Add 3 cups (700ml) water and cover (can be placed in refrigerator or brewed at room temperature).
  • Wait 12-18 hours.
  • Remove and compost/discard the mesh bag with coffee grounds.
  • Add ice, water, milk, and/or ice cream to taste (or heat for hot coffee drinks).
  • Concentrate can be stored in refrigerator up to two weeks.

We encourage you to experiment!