Where are you located?

Our roastery is in Lancaster City, Pa.  

Where can I get your coffee?

We roast for the orders that come in, and don't have inventory sitting around for you to buy. Your best bet for the freshest coffee is to order online and have it shipped to you or pick it up at Souvlaki Boys (we will notify when it is ready). 

Do you have a coffee shop?

No, but maybe someday. Currently, we have a manufacturing license, not a retail license. 

Which is your darkest roast?

We roast our coffees to medium-dark (also called full city). Typically, this balance of heat and time maximizes a coffee’s distinct flavors and maximizes its potential.  

Why is your coffee so good?
We're glad you like it! All of our coffees are organically grown. We use a unique air roast process so our coffees are not bitter. We roast in small batches to give the attention to the details of roasting. We also roast based on the orders that come in, so your coffee is as fresh as possible. And there's the good feeling that you get knowing that proceeds from almost all of our blends benefit non-profits that are doing good in this world. Read this blog entry for more information about why our coffee is the best around.

Why is your coffee more expensive than [insert big box name brand]?
No, this isn't a frequently asked question, at least directly. But it does come up, and we know that some people are probably embarrassed to ask. In addition to the costs associated with making the coffee taste so good (see above paragraph; for example, organically grown beans cost us more), we also only source coffee is fairly traded, so everyone in the process gets a fair wage. 

Do you grow your own coffee?
Okay, so we only were asked this question twice. There is a lot to learn about coffee, and every week, we discover something new. We invite you to ask questions, especially if you're not sure if it's something that everyone else knows. We invite you on the journey! No, Pennsylvania doesn't have the climate for growing coffee. 

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