Why Is Our Coffee So Good?

Posted by Wanderlust Coffees on Mar 12 2021

Why Is Our Coffee So Good?

Great coffee doesn’t happen by accident and it’s not as common as you might think. If you have had our coffee, it could be that you’ve wondered this: Why do Wanderlust Coffees taste so good?

1. It starts with the beans.

Our supplier is the preeminent specialty importer of the best wholesale green coffee beans on the market. Their team travels to remote regions of the globe to assess and acquire the highest quality beans, so that our unique roasting (more about that later) creates exceptional aromas, flavors, and qualities that you, our customers, will look forward to, time and time again.

Also, we only purchase beans that are organically grown. That standard holds true with all of the coffee that we roast, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be ingesting chemicals with your coffee. We could find cheaper beans, but we would rather not skimp. It is so important to us that we prefer to pay what we need to, in order to provide healthy, organically grown beans.

2. Our roasting process is full of hot air.

We roast with a method of roasting called fluid bed roasting, or more commonly, air roasting. Most coffees are processed in drum roasters, whereby the coffee beans are in continuous contact with hot sheet metal, which can burn the outside of the bean. Air roasting keeps the beans floating in a circulating fountain of air, which heats them evenly through to their center. This is why our coffees tend to be sweeter and less bitter than most other available coffees. The most common adjective we hear is that our coffees are “smooth.” We invite you to try our air roasted coffee and taste the difference.

3. Fresh is best.

We roast in small batches to fill the orders that we have received, so we can give special attention to every roast. Because we roast to order, our roasted coffee does not sit around waiting to be shipped. We roast and ship out the same day. If you’re local, you can pick up and drink coffee the same day it’s roasted.

The bags into which we seal our roasted coffee help to preserve and protect the beans and flavor. Freshly roasted coffee gives off gases that can deteriorate it. Our bags have valves to allow those gases to escape while also preventing oxygen from entering. (Oxygen is a major coffee degenerator.) Our bags also have a zipper to reseal in the freshness after they are opened. (Bags that fold over with tin ties allow air to travel back and forth, degenerating the coffee as it sits in the bag.)

4. We prepare your coffee according to your specific needs.

With every bag, we encourage you to select the grind that you need for that particular bag. If you have a quality grinder, we recommend you purchase whole beans and grind them just before brewing. If you don’t have a quality grinder, we will happily grind your coffee for you. When you order, you can choose from one of four grinds (based on your brewing method) so you can get the proper extraction when brewing.

Your coffee will taste best if you order frequently instead of letting it sit in your house for a long time. We recommend that you buy enough coffee beans to last you for a week, or two at the most. Most of our coffees are available by subscription, so you can order once, and not worry about running out of freshly roasted coffee. Our subscription system is flexible, so you can change up what (and how often) you order, skip when you’re away, or cancel at any time.

5. Our coffees help to do good in this world!

We only purchase green coffee beans that have been fairly traded, so you can rest assured that the growers and producers in the countries of origin are fairly compensated. We also partner with more than a dozen non-profit organizations in the U.S. Proceeds from the purchase of their blends goes directly to support the excellent work they are doing. We hope you can taste the love!

Pictured: Volunteers from Off The Streets take a break while helping to move a family into their new home.

There are a lot of coffees to choose from, and we appreciate everyone who has given us a chance to showcase what we offer. We invite you to try our coffees (perhaps starting with our Flight (Coffee Sampler), so you can taste coffees from six different countries), and we welcome your feedback, critiques, and suggestions, so that we can continue to improve all that we do.