Who Needs a Pick-Me-Up? Nominate Someone for Our Coffee Giveaway

Posted by Wanderlust Coffees on Dec 30 2020

Who Needs a Pick-Me-Up? Nominate Someone for Our Coffee Giveaway

It's been a challenging year for many people, and with your help, we would like to help brighten someone's day. 

Nominate a coffee lover who has had a particularly difficult year, perhaps health issues, significant losses, uncertainty, or other hardships. Click here to complete the short nomination process by Tuesday, January 5, 2021. 

On January 6, we will pick three people to each receive a bag of coffee, along with encouraging notes from the people who nominated them (with the nominators' names or anonymously). 

We know that a bag of coffee isn't a huge present, but sometimes it's the little things done with great love and concern that mean a lot, especially when someone is having a rough time. 

Please help us spread the love! You may nominate more than one person. 

(Of course, if you can afford it, you may want to consider sending coffee to a friend even if he or she is not selected for our giveaway. Anytime, you can buy coffee for someone else, and we'll include a free gift message. We'll send it with your name, unless you leave a comment in checkout for us to ship the coffee anonymously.)

Click here to complete the short nomination process.

How the giveaway works: Selection is to be determined by the staff of Wanderlust Coffees. We will notify the nominators of the entries we have selected, providing a coupon code for them to order the coffee for the person each has nominated. We can either mail the coffee to the recipients or to the nominators, if they choose to deliver to the recipient (we can only mail to addresses in the contiguous U.S.). We use names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers only for the purpose for which they were entrusted to us, and we never share contact details or identifying details, without their permission. We reserve the right to share the nominators' and recipients' first names and/or initials and information submitted for the nomination, to help us tell the stories.