What are Mochaccino Hearts? And where can I get some?

Posted by Wanderlust Coffees on Jan 29 2021

What are Mochaccino Hearts? And where can I get some?


Mochaccino Hearts are a delicious match of coffee and chocolate, made with our Wanderlove Blend coffee enveloped in creamy milk chocolate. Choose from two varieties, Whole Bean and Finely Ground, at our webstore.


It all started with camp. While they were growing up, our children loved going away to summer camp, but it was a little bit out of our budget. (In those years, we were running a non-profit organization called Kids and Cultures, introducing children to world cultures through storytelling shows and a summer camp of our own. It was a wonderful experience for our whole family, but it didn’t always pay well in money. Friends, yes; and joy, yes; just not a lot of cash.)

But we wanted our kids to be able to experience camp that was NOT run by their own parents (haha!), so we brainstormed and tried to think of things we could possibly create to sell. One day Timm had the idea that perhaps we could take some delicious air-roasted ground coffee and stir it into melted chocolate to see how it would taste. He did so, and all four of us loved the results. It took some work to get the proportions right, but he developed a beautifully balanced blend of coffee and chocolate that we all love.

So Kristina went to the local craft store and bought shallow heart molds, and we poured the chocolate-covered ground coffee into those molds. They popped out beautifully and tasted so creamy and smooth and coffee-y that we knew they'd be a hit. And they were.

For years, right around Valentine's Day, our family would make these small mochaccino hearts, and sell them to our generous neighbors and friends. They got to enjoy mochaccino hearts, while their purchases helped to make it possible for our children to go to camp. (An aside: more than once, people asked to buy more because they had tasted one from the bag they’d planned to give away and, well, let’s just say, it wasn’t the only one they “tasted,” so they needed more. You know, to hide the evidence, or something to that effect…)

Perhaps our mochaccino hearts were just a happy accident, but we think they’ve been a wonderful blessing. We still love to eat chocolate-covered ground coffee, and chocolate covered whole beans, as well. And when the coffee is air-roasted so that it doesn’t have a bitter taste, it’s even better! So, when our inspector told us that we are permitted to cover coffee with chocolate to offer as part of our product line, we knew what we needed to do for Valentine's Day.

The mochaccino hearts that we are offering are much larger than the original camp ones, and we’ve gone through several stages of refining and improving the recipe. They offer several bites of delicious mochaccino flavor. We invite you to try them, and hope that you find them to be a “heart”y treat: whether for yourself or for a friend.*

*Wanderlust Coffees cannot be held responsible if you purchase these mochaccino hearts for a friend and end up eating one… or more...

Available for a limited time at our webstore. Also, available as a pairing with our Wanderlove coffee!