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Announcing the winners of our Who Needs a Pick-Me-Up? giveaway

Posted by Wanderlust Coffees on Jan 06 2021

Announcing the winners of our Who Needs a Pick-Me-Up? giveaway

Sixteen Wanderlust Coffees fans nominated coffee lovers who have had a difficult year to be entered into our January coffee giveaway. Timm reads some of the stories (see below) and announces those who will receive a bag of Wanderlust Coffees. We're all in this together!

We decided to not just choose three stories, but will be sending coffee to all sixteen people who were nominated. Here are their stories, as submitted by their friends: 

  • He lost two of his colleagues - one to COVID-19 - this year, and his 74-year-old mother had a bad fall in the Spring, breaking her left leg in three places. He has also struggled with the uncertainty of losing his job.
  • This person was living in a dorm and had to quickly find a place to live when the school was shut down. This person was also in an auto accident that totaled her car, which left her injured and unable to work for a few weeks. Due to various circumstances she has had to move several times. Through all of this she has been working as a Nurses Aid through an agency and has been placed at some of the hardest hit nursing homes in the city and county. There have been weeks where she has worked 12+ hour shifts trying to take care of patients who do not always understand why their family is not allowed to visit them or why they can not leave their rooms to socialize with other residents as they once did. And unfortunately also has to deal with an significant increase in the number of patients that are lost due to COVID and/or loneliness. She had had to deal with transportation difficulties using public transportation and paying people to take her to work when she is assigned outside of the city. This person is a coffee lover to the 100 degree. I have seen this person posts on Facebook some nights begging somebody to bring her coffee to help get her through her shifts. I know the times I have been able to provide her a ride to work her face lights up if I show up with a cup of coffee in hand. Her preference is iced all year round, but she will never turn down a cup of hot coffee.
  • This person lost a co-worker, grandfather and neighbor last month. He teachers HS and they have been in-person since school opened and has been having a difficult time with everything due to all of the differences in schools this year.
  • Restaurant employee who lost hours/wages due to COVID.
  • Work has been extremely challenging for her this year plus her mother-in-law recently passed away.
  • She is a nurse. Because she is single, she has offered to work with Covid-19 patients so that other nurses with families may be able to avoid the risk that comes with this task. She has been working countless hours and lots of overtime to help as much as she can during this very busy and difficult time in our community and in the world. We know she is tired. Her favorite hobby to help her rejuvenate is traveling and she’s been unable to do that. It’s also difficult for her to get together with family and friends for any length of time since she is constantly in contact with COVID-19 patients. Despite it all, she keeps a positive attitude and is an inspiration to all who know her.
  • My dearest friend was diagnosed with colon cancer this year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She's as tough as nails, but even she could use a pick-me-up!
  • He is working nights and caring for his wife who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March. He has become her caretaker, appointment scheduler, shot giver and medicine giver, grocery shopper, cook and laundry man.
  • Handling the children at home while we do online school has been difficult.
  • He and his family have had an extremely difficult year with the loss of income and broken equipment from their [businesses], health issues in their family, and then the more typical challenges such as 2 children in college, new jobs, etc. His wife has multiple jobs including working in a NICU and also at a university. This year has been a challenge in more ways than one but they continue to help our community and lift our spirits. They are always upbeat and kind to all. These are the people that can truly complain but never do. Truthfully amazing and an inspiration to all.
  • My dear friend's mom passed away this fall. Due to COVID travel restrictions in her state and where her mom lived, she was unable to see her mom before her passing.
  • She has been struggling with her health, feeling mildly sick very often and unable to identify the causes. She is a musician and music therapist and just found out she will have to get her tonsils taken out, which will put her out for 4-8 weeks. She was going through a breakup as well as having to deal with a difficult friend at the same time, whom are both no longer in her life. One of her friends also died in a car accident on Christmas Day, and she is attending the funeral today when I submit this.
  • First Responder
  • Nurse
  • Mom of 4 boys, unexpected virtual learning, working from home, and kids ministry leader. Contracted COVID-19 and has suffered extended complications from the virus.
  • This person has been working as a public health nurse throughout the pandemic. She has been working overtime, usually 7 days a week, since March. She is a contact tracer, educator, and does her best to help people throughout this crisis. Most recently, she started giving out vaccines at her hospital clinics! She loves coffee and I am sure could use a pick-me-up, as I know she is burned out and absolutely exhausted from all of her hard work.