100% Recyclable Pods are here!

Posted by Wanderlust Coffees on May 11 2021

100% Recyclable Pods are here!

I've not been a fan of single use plastics, and when asked if Wanderlust Coffees would carry them, I always gave a vague, "We're looking into it."

As I researched, I found two basic options: buy a lot of expensive equipment to seal the pods (which we can't afford), or send off our coffee to a packaging plant to have the pods prepared for us. The latter sounds good until you realize the coffee wouldn't be fresh with all that travel time, the companies have certain minimums so we would likely only be able to offer one blend, and extra hauling isn't exactly earth-friendly.

Enter the iFillCups technology. These little guys are made of 100% recyclable plastic, have a degassing filter built in (they're the only pods on the market that allow for same day roasting, grinding, and filling, so you can't get fresher pods), a filter that's up to 10x stronger than the industry standard and allows for a finer grind (which means more flavor), and larger capacity than other pods, for more coffee. Plus, we can fill them as we need them, as few or as many as we like, for all 15 of our non-profit partners, and our single-origin coffees.

The one downside is that some communities (like ours) do not offer recycling for PP#5. No worries, return the empties to us and we'll make sure they don't go in a landfill.
Thanks to my dad, who volunteers at a thrift store, we now have a refurbished Keurig machine, and have been testing out these pods. They are convenient, and the 8 oz. setting gives a nice strong cup of coffee! 

You can find out more about the pods at www.wanderlustcoffees.com/pods. Or, if you have your own reusable pods, you can order any of our coffees at a medium-coarse grind, recommended by Keurig, and diy.