Our Daily Blend (St. Anne's Brown Bag Lunch Program) Cold Brew Kit

MEDIUM-DARK ROAST. We now roast multiple times through the week and ship on Tuesday through Friday.
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Each Cold Brew Kit contains four compostable mesh bags, each filled with 3oz (85g) of coarsely ground coffee. All you need is a jar, lid, water, and some time. Each bag makes up to 24oz (700ml) of coffee concentrate, 96oz (2.8l) per Cold Brew Kit.

To make cold brew coffee concentrate

  • Place coffee-filled mesh bag in a clean quart jar or pitcher.
  • Add 3 cups (700ml) water and cover (can be placed in refrigerator or brewed at room temperature).
  • Wait 12-18 hours.
  • Remove and compost/discard the mesh bag with coffee grounds.
  • Add ice, water, milk, and/or ice cream to taste (or heat for hot coffee drinks).
  • Concentrate can be stored in refrigerator up to two weeks.

We encourage you to experiment! Find more cold brew information and tips at wanderlustcoffees.com/coldbrew.

Medium-full body and moderate acidity, with chocolatey overtones and floral notes. 
Our Daily Blend is organically grown and fairly traded, and air roasted in small batches in Lancaster, Pa.

Through the Word of God, the Eucharist, and the parishioners, St. Anne Church, in Lancaster, Pa., seeks to be a beacon of light for the earthly journey providing nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. The Brown Bag Lunch ministry is one way the mission is carried out by providing physical nourishment prepared with love and compassion for anyone who comes to our door Monday through Friday. The parish serves an average of 160 lunches a day.