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101 Questions: Doing coffee with an old or new friend

Posted by Wanderlust Coffees on Feb 03 2021

101 Questions: Doing coffee with an old or new friend

Here are some conversation starters for the next time you do coffee with someone you know well or with a new friend. 

  1. Describe a place where you lived as a child.
  2. Tell about a birthday tradition you enjoy.
  3. If you could spend an hour anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
  4. What are three adjectives that someone could use to give you a compliment?
  5. Who is someone you haven’t seen for a long time who you would like to see again?
  6. Describe a favorite breakfast.
  7. Tell about a time when someone made a mistake and apologized to you.
  8. Who is one person who has made a significant positive impact on your life?
  9. How many languages do you speak/read/write?
  10. If you could learn another language, which one would you choose next?
  11. Tell about a journey that you took.
  12. Did anyone in your family when you were growing up (or now) drink coffee? Tell about their/your coffee habits.
  13. Describe a favorite lunch.
  14. Do you have a favorite month?
  15. What is one of the first songs you remember hearing and/or singing?
  16. Tell about someone who has a talent/ability that you admire.
  17. Tell about someone you miss who has passed away.
  18. Give an example of when you received excellent customer service.
  19. What snack do you crave?
  20. Does your name have a meaning?
  21. How do you feel about your name?
  22. If you had $1,000 to give to brighten someone’s (or more than one person’s) day, how would you spend it?
  23. Do you usually have more energy in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
  24. What is one charity that you wholeheartedly support?
  25. How do you spend time waiting (in line, in traffic, etc.)?
  26. If you were a government leader with authority to make one change in laws or policities, what would it be?
  27. Tell about a child who makes you smile.
  28. What is a story you remember from your childhood?
  29. Is there a food or drink that you don’t care for?
  30. When you were a child, what is one expectation you had of your current age?
  31. Tell about a memorable gift that you received.
  32. Who do you worry about?
  33. Tell about something you would like to learn more about regarding other cultures/traditions.
  34. If you could give a gift to everyone in your neighborhood, what would it be?
  35. Tell about a time that you were brave.
  36. Is there a subject that is difficult for you to stop talking about?
  37. What is a skill that others can learn from you?
  38. What is something you do when you are sad?
  39. What role does religion play in your life?
  40. What is one area in your life that you are actively working to improve?
  41. If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?
  42. Tell about a day you would like to relive, if possible.
  43. Describe a favorite evening meal.
  44. Tell about a favorite neighbor, from anytime in your life.
  45. If you could share a message with everyone in the world, what would it include?
  46. Tell about your favorite weather.
  47. If you could fix one thing about your neighborhood, what would it be?
  48. Do you have a favorite song?
  49. Tell about a kindness that touched your heart.
  50. Is there a question you wish someone would ask you?
  51. What art style inspires you?
  52. When you were growing up, did you celebrate holidays? Which ones do you still celebrate?
  53. If you had to move from where you live, where would you like to go?
  54. Tell about something that is often misunderstood about you.
  55. What is advice that someone gave you that was difficult to receive, but was helpful?
  56. Tell about someone you miss who is still living.
  57. Tell about a time that you received good news.
  58. Describe a favorite mode of transportation.
  59. What food haven’t you had for a long time?
  60. Tell about a favorite teacher, mentor, or other adult, and what you remember about him or her.
  61. What smell takes you back to your childhood?
  62. Can you swim? Where and how did you learn?
  63. Is there a skill that “everyone but you” has that you would like to learn?
  64. Tell about one of the oldest people you know.
  65. When was a recent time that you cried?
  66. When was a recent time that you laughed out loud?
  67. What is a tradition that you wished others would adopt?
  68. How do you handle exhaustion?
  69. Have you ever been deathly sick?
  70. What profession do you especially admire?
  71. Tell about a time you got lost. How did you find your way?
  72. Describe a memory that makes you smile.
  73. What kind of social gathering energizes you?
  74. Tell about a time you creatively solved a problem or fixed something.
  75. Tell about something that easily confuses you.
  76. Tell about something that makes you feel grown up.
  77. Describe a time when you felt proud of yourself.
  78. Do you have a “cheerleader” -- someone who encourages you when you need it?
  79. Tell about a food that everyone should try once.
  80. What is something that causes you to be afraid?
  81. Do you sing? When, where, and what kind of songs?
  82. Tell about someone you treated better than you thought they deserved.
  83. Do you remember your dreams?
  84. Do you have a favorite animal? Tell about it.
  85. Tell about one of your earliest memories.
  86. Describe the people who raised you.
  87. Tell about something that most people would find surprising about you.
  88. Tell about something that makes you angry.
  89. Describe something that calms you down when you are anxious.
  90. Tell about an outfit (clothing) that you wore when you were young.
  91. Describe one of your first jobs.
  92. Tell about a friend from any time in your life.
  93. What or who energizes you, makes you feel more alive?
  94. What is one injustice in the world that you feel strongly about?
  95. What is a tough decision you have faced or are facing?
  96. Tell about someone you know who has had a rough life and has overcome difficult challenges.
  97. Do you have a favorite color and what do you like to look at that is that color?
  98. What is one possession that would be difficult to give up?
  99. Tell about a memorable gift you gave to someone.
  100. Have you ever “really connected” with another person? Tell about it.
  101. What is a favorite treat?