About Us

Thaniel, Kristina, and Timm Wenger
Our Vision and Mission: To provide quality coffee that helps to support growers and producers in other countries, as well as provide a continuous funding stream for non-profit organizations, while nurturing awareness of world cultures and promoting beneficial conversations and friendships. 

Founded: 2020

Location: City of Lancaster, Pa., serving the U.S.

The Wanderlust Coffees Team 

Kristina Wenger, Assistant Roaster and Artist
Despite growing up among the coffee plants of Guatemala, Kristina didn't learn to love coffee until she was an adult. She loves to craft and tell stories and has been known to play while working. She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and can frequently be seen skipping to the roastery. Her go-to coffee is Wanderlust's Guatemalan, which she enjoys however she can get it (straight up coffee beans included).

Timm Wenger, Roaster 
Wearer of many hats, Timm became a regular coffee drinker only after being introduced to air roasted coffee. He loves to brainstorm, make connections between people, and dream of ways to make his neighborhood and world a better and friendlier place. He lives with his wife and co-conspirator Kristina in Lancaster, Pa. His go-to coffee is usually whatever the grinder leaves behind, and he likes experimenting with various brewing methods.

Thaniel Wenger, Finance Manager
After several years in food service, Thaniel began working as a barista in a cafe This inspired his love of coffee! Thaniel is a business major at Arizona State University. He lives in Sacramento, California, with his wife Maggie, and border collie Stella. His go-to morning cup is Wanderlust's Ethiopian coffee, made in a pour-over.

Coffee Consultant: Justin Tessen

Inspiration: Leon Miller and Dobri Dobrev 

Logo: Ned Bustard/World's End Images

US FDA Registration: 15453291498 | PA Dept of Ag Facility ID: 147899

Inspiration for the Name: "A person susceptible to wanderlust is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation." Pico Iyer