Nicaragua - Limited Edition Dark Roast (Recyclable Pods)

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Medium-light body and medium acidity, with hints of grapefruit and lime. The coffee beans are organically grown and fairly traded, and air roasted in small batches in Lancaster, Pa.

Region: San Juan Rio Coco
Farms: Cooperativa Multisectorial Cultivando con Calidad en San Juan del Rio Coco
Altitude: 1,200 to 1,500 M above sea level
Grade: SHG EP
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Bourbon

The Co-op
UCA San Juan del Rio Coco is based in the northern highlands of Nicaragua. The co-op has a membership of eight cooperatives and 430 individual farmers of which a quarter are women. UCA San Juan is all about high quality coffee. Their efforts and resources are spent in taking care of the entire production of this small group of producers to ensure greater international market share, competitive pricing and quality control.


  • The pods have a a filter that is 10 times stronger than the filters in standard pods, which allows for finer grinds and more extraction of flavor.
  • The pods are designed to hold up to 40% more coffee than standard pods; the larger fill capacity means richer brews.
  • The degassing seal in each pod allows for same day roast, grind, and fill freshness. You won't find a fresher pod!


The pod, including the microfilter, is made of 100% polypropylene. After use,

  • Over sink or trash can, squeeze sides until lid pops open.
  • Empty grounds into composting container or trash.
  • Rinse pod. Remove and discard sticker. Do not detach lid.
  • Place in recycling bin.

If your municipality does not recycle PP#5 plastics, stack and return clean and dry empty pods to Wanderlust Coffees. Mail them to 823 N. Duke St., Lancaster, PA 17602 (our home office), or deliver them to the roastery at 923 N. Christian St., Lancaster, PA (contact us first to make sure someone will be at the roastery to meet you). Thank you!