Biemesderfer Breakfast Blend (Millersville University Alumni Association) Recyclable Pods

MEDIUM-DARK ROAST. Roasted and shipped on Thursdays; order by Wednesday.
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Full body and medium acidity, with hints of chocolate and a sweet, lingering finish. This is a blend of coffees that are organically grown and fairly traded, and air roasted in small batches in Lancaster, Pa.

Millersville Univerity Alumni Association promotes a meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas between the University and its alumni. Through a diverse program of volunteer services and financial assistance, the Association is committed to strengthening alumni engagement in support of the University's mission. These include keeping the alumni informed about important advances at the University, sponsoring a variety of activities of interest to alumni and providing alumni with personal and professional development opportunities through networking and volunteer service.


  • The pods have a a filter that is 10 times stronger than the filters in standard pods, which allows for finer grinds and more extraction of flavor.
  • The pods are designed to hold up to 40% more coffee than standard pods; the larger fill capacity means richer brews.
  • The degassing seal in each pod allows for same day roast, grind, and fill freshness. You won't find a fresher pod!


The pod, including the microfilter, is made of 100% polypropylene. After use,

  • Over sink or trash can, squeeze sides until lid pops open.
  • Empty grounds into composting container or trash.
  • Rinse pod. Remove and discard sticker. Do not detach lid.
  • Place in recycling bin.

If your municipality does not recycle PP#5 plastics, stack and return clean and dry empty pods to Wanderlust Coffees. Mail them to 823 N. Duke St., Lancaster, PA 17602 (our home office), or drop them off at most Wegmans stores (verify with your local store's recycling policy first). Thank you!